Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Nordic Shawl

Finished just in time for a whole week of rainy weather and cooler temperatures!  I'm glad to be able to wear this a little while at least.  It was 80 degrees yesterday and I was weaving in the ends thinking I would have to put it in the cupboard until the fall because our cold weather is just about done.

This is a most excellent pattern, well written, photographed, and easy to understand.  I used Sublime extra fine merino DK and started out with a G hook.  30 rows into it I ripped it back.  I was already finished with the 5th ball and it was looking like I was going to need at least 8. Thank goodness I found some on sale for almost half price.

Anyway I started over with an I hook, because this is the thickest DK I have ever seen, almost a worsted weight really.  It says "extra-fine" on the label, but I don't think it means "fine" as in light or delicate, but more of a "OMG, he's so fine!!! kind of fine.
So I crocheted the main color for 34 rows instead of 40 and then switched over to the color section, which was very fun indeed. However it was quickly becoming a Giant Nordic Shawl, and so I decided to cut back on the number of final rows or this thing would have swallowed me whole.

I love it!!!  All this messing around with hooks and different weight yarns and and shortening rows, just shows you how versatile this pattern is.  I'm thinking of making another in a real DK, maybe a cream color next time.  If you would like to give it a go, pop on over to My Rose Valley and get yourself this pattern.
Check this out.  Two antiquarian books with mine and my husband's name in the title.  Just need three more, one for each of the kids.


  1. Your shawl is so fine! :-) The colors are perfect! xoxo

  2. Your Shawl is very pretty, you colour combination is perfect x

  3. It is such a beautiful shawl! I love all the different colors you chose and the design.
    Take care,
    Please visit me at www.needlesandwool.blogspot.com

  4. I made a Nordic shawl this winter with some leftover Lion brand Amazing I had laying around. I also played around with the rows because I was working with a limited amount of yarn.It is my favorite shawl! I get tons of compliments every time I wear it! Best pattern ever! :) Yours came out beautiful! I'm going to make another in a summer weight yarn for summer evenings!

  5. It's so pretty Lynn! I never thought I wanted to make one for myself until I saw yours. I love the colors you chose. O.K.... here I come Hobby Lobby!! Vroom Vroom!!! penny x

  6. Beautiful shawl, being enveloped in such a cosy creation sounds just what I could do with right now.

  7. Just fabulous! Can't wait to make my very own Nordic Shawl too.
    Love the books!
    Trying to do a quick catch up.....then off to Mom's
    xo Kris

  8. Dear Lynne
    Love this post. Thank you for sharing your experience with the different yarns. And yes it is a versatile patterns as you can actually make it smaller or bigger by just adding or taking away rows. My little girl asked for me to make her one the other day... Well, lets see if I can squeeze that into my busy schedule but I sure would love to make the Nordic Shawl in a kids size. That would be really fun.

    Love the lime green, it is the cherry on the cake really popping out form your blues and pink. Well done and thank you for your link love. If you don't mind I might just borrow one of your picture form this blog post for my potpourri and link back to you. Is that ok?

    All the best
    My Rose Valley

  9. Beautiful colorway! I hope you'll have a few cool days left to wrap up in it. :)

  10. I love the shawl, it might be one of the best I have seen, great color choices. Hugs to you and hope you are doing okay with the loss of your furry baby.

  11. More than impressive Lynne! Being very much a shawl gal my fingers are already twitching to give thi s pattern a go......BUT thou will not tempt me.....not yet anyhow as I have 4 WIPs on the go tch!!

    keep well

    Amanda x

  12. I love your colours. I used sublime yarn as well and had to buy a whole load more than I thought but I'm happy with the result - my pic is also on My Rose Valley's collage. Take care. Jane (craft hippy) x

  13. I saw your beautiful shawl on Annette's blog. Very nice Lynne!

    The granny spring quilt from your post a while back is so cute. I am going to pin it for future ideas.... ;-) Thank you!

  14. Well Lynne.... I have to say... I can't think of a thing TO say... this is so GORGEOUS.... I am truly speechless ....


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