Thursday, March 13, 2014

Don't forget to massage your kale

I made Kale salad last night for dinner.  I use Lacinato kale, the kind that looks like it has bumps on it (sometimes called Dino kale).  I copied the ingredients from the deli section of a local supermarket where I sometimes buy this for lunch.  It's really easy, no cooking, and I usually have the stuff to make already in my fridge. This was served alongside some baked fish, that I cooked to the consistency of shoe leather and after two bites I threw it in the trash and opened a can of tuna.  It was Cod, a fish I never buy (usually I get Tilapia or Salmon), and I think that cod should just be beer battered and fried in bad for you oil, and dipped in tartar sauce and served alongside french fries and soupy coleslaw. Oh yeah, don't forget a big tall beer. Period.
However, trying to be healthy, I baked it with some panko bread crumbs, parsley and lemon zest (that part was tasty), but it just turned out so tough. So much for healthy.
Anyway I read somewhere that when you serve kale raw, it helps to massage it first.  It's kind of stiff, like chard, and the massaging helps soften it up a bit. So you just cut up your kale and put it in a bowl.  Then rub, or massage the leaves for a minute or two before adding the other ingredients.
I massage my kale with regularity now.

Spring is definitely here.  Everywhere I look it's blue and green. It's so lovely in the valley this time of year.  I don't want to think about the fact that in a few short months the air conditioner will be running all day and the blue and green will be replaced with brown and gold. But before we get there, a parade of culinary festivals will fill up the calendar.  Asparagus, strawberry, and garlic festivals are just around the corner. Can't wait!
I made a set of these coasters again.  I love this pattern(see edit below)  It's so easy and pretty and fast and satisfying all at once. And my shoe fly quilt is almost done too, scrappy and full of spring colors.  I'm playing around with some border ideas this week.  Then it will be back to the Liberty quilt that I tore from the design wall and am now going in a totally different pattern direction, which involved buying 2 yards of double-gauze, and it's getting expensive and it better turn out, because I don't want it to be like the cod all over again.

Kale Salad

1 bunch of Dino kale, ribs removed and torn into bite size pieces and massaged like you mean it
red pepper, cut into strips
red onion, sliced thin
peperoncinis, cut into small strips
crumbled feta cheese
artichoke hearts
you can also add cannellini or garbanzo beans
Toss everything together with some red wine vinegar and olive oil to taste
Serve with anything but baked cod


EDITED TO ADD:  I guess the original link for this pattern is no longer available.  Go visit this blog here, for instructions.


  1. Your salad sounds delish! Here's my fave: And I totally massage mine! ;-) I usually toss it in a gallon-size zip-lock with the lemon, oil, and salt, close it most of the way, and just statt squishing it between both hands. Then dump out into a serving bowl. Quick and clean!

  2. I love the coasters! Kale, not so much. I grew it last year, and tried it several ways. Just not a fan. But I know it is supposed to be so good for you. I am going to have to stick to spinach.
    Spring is such a beautiful time of year! So many things to look at, and marvel at the reawakening!
    xo Kris

  3. What a fun post, you don't half flit from subject to subject!!!! Liberty fabric won't be able to go like the cod, I'm sure if were a food it would be Belgium chocolate or chilled champagne - perfect whatever you do with it!

  4. I dont like the smell of kale,but i bet its healthy for your crochet and your quilt x

  5. See, you're always doing this to me. That looks so good that now I have to go to the store and get some kale. Although to be honest, I'll probably be wishing for a beer-battered fish fry the whole time. ;)

  6. Spring is here, too. But no windows open as the pollen is so high everything is covered in yellow-greenish gunk.

  7. love the colours of your coasters - and your quilt looks so perfect with very neat, sharp edges
    Caz xx


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