Thursday, January 16, 2014

I heart quilts

 Notice the sneaky puppy in the background.  She is laying next to the cans where we keep the dog food.  I just bet she's hoping this photo shoot ends soon, so she can eat.

Pixelated heart quilt in red scraps and white Kona.  Inspiration here and all over the internet.
If you hurry, you can make one before Valentines Day.  Also, I now have full use of both thumbs, so I'm back to the crochet hook.  I just saw that Knit Picks is having 52 weeks of free dishcloth patterns on their site, both knitting and crocheting.  Looks like fun.
Have a great weekend.  We will be watching football.  Go 49ers!!!!


  1. The quilt is gorgeous, and thank you for some puppy love.

  2. Hi Lynne, I heart your quilts too! They are always lovely. (ooooh and your new header is so pretty!)
    Little Luna-tic :) is growing so quickly. How precious she is. I hope your 49ers win over Seattle because then they get to visit with our Broncos in NY and watch us take the big prize. OMAHA!!!! Have a fun weekend, penny x

  3. Precious puppy and lovely quilt. What is that pretty one in your header?

  4. Love the heart quilt!! I need to get myself into my sewing room, and get involved in some quilting! I miss it. I have gotten so involved with yarn, that I have really put the quilting on the back burner!
    Pupper is so cute!!! But my how naughty they can be!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    xo Kris

  5. Love, love, love your quilt, and that pup is pretty adorable too :-)
    Have a happy weekend!

  6. I like your heart quilt a lot!
    And the puppy is growing very fast, no wonder he is hungry all the time.

  7. I "heart" your quilt and your puppy!! Thanks for the heads up at KnitPicks....definitely have to check it out. Happy Weekend!!

  8. Glorious reds Lynne!!!! Very effective on a white it!!!
    How that pup has grown!!!!

    keep well

    Amanda x

  9. Love the red and pink colors of the season. Beautiful quilting. So glad you are no longer all that you are all thumbs now. :-)


You guys are awesome! Thank you for the comments!