Friday, September 27, 2013


Hello everyone!  Lots going on around here the last couple of weeks. There was a birthday.  (I'm 55 now. Not sure how I feel about that, but there is no stopping this train.)

I started another blanket.  A big chunky one this time, with ribbing, the kind you see in catalogs. The kind that cost too much and you think "I can make that", but 1/3 of the way through, there is a moment when you realize it may end up costing more than if you just ordered the darn thing.

We drove down to Santa Barbara to drop the boy off at University.  I brought lots of tissue.  The girls came too and we made a mini vacation out of it, so there was plenty of family drama, laughing, arguing, eating out, and generally enjoying each others company.   However, I'm not sure my son enjoyed the moment when there were 4 other adults crammed in his dorm room helping him unload his stuff, make his bed and telling him where things should go.  I bet he wanted to tell us where we could go, but hey, that's how we roll, and memories are made. The view from his dorm is a lovely little lagoon.  How lucky is that?  At the last minute he added a volleyball class.  When in Rome....

Back at home, I'm wandering around the house like a lost puppy. There is now less laundry, less grocery shopping, no sports on TV, no teenage boys in the pool and in my pantry.  More quiet time. Weird. (Also my little cat died 2 weeks ago, right after we lost the dog, so we are down to one pet).  It's going to take some getting used to, this calm, quiet house.
I know what you're thinking.  More time for quilting and playing with yarn!
Yeah.  Change is good.


  1. So sorry to hear about your cat, that's so sad. You will have a quiet house but soon you will be so busy you won't know how you managed before your son went to Uni. BTW, your kids are beautiful. Keep busy and maybe start thinking about another pet to keep you company. We got another cat a month ago. Gerard is not taking it well, never a dull moment in our house. xxx

    1. The thought of getting a new little doggie had crossed my mind. For a second. Wait, nope it's gone. I think I will enjoy a few dull moments : )

  2. Lots of pretty Autum colors on your post today. It is always hard when one of the kids leave, the great news is they come back! Enjoy some more quiet time and more sewing!

  3. Change is good but that doesn't mean it is easy. Seeing your young man leave for new adventures is tough, and on top of that the loss of two beloved pets. I think you need to do something special just for you.
    Hugs and hang in there.

  4. If you lived closer I would invite you to my house for coffee, muffins, knitting, crocheting and lots of chat about quilting and life in general..... xoxo

  5. Beautiful family! You'll be ok mommy. I love the look of your knitting project

  6. happy belated birthday, i love boy's view

  7. What a lovely family you have Lynne! I'm sure you son will have a great time, and what a view from his room! Before you know it he'll be back with a load of washing for you!
    So sorry to hear you lost your cat and dog. They are such a fun part of the family and I'm sure you miss them, but I can understand not wanting any more just yet.
    Happy Belated Birthday Lynne! Yep, you just have to roll with those punches!
    Have a good weekend, the blanket is looking beautifully chunky and warm.
    Gill xx

  8. I remember it so very well when No 1 son went to university. I cried ABSOLUTE BUCKETS. I thought my heart would break......but I'm over it now (5 years later - ha, ha). Only one more son to go and he creates the most washing of everyone so I don't think I will miss that so much. Philippa xx

  9. Oh good, I'm glad I'm not the only one. My eyes have been "leaking" for weeks. Must focus on my sewing......

  10. The college drop-off trip made me laugh. I remember doing the same thing at my daughters dorm 5 years ago...the next time I saw it it was completely different. haha.

    Gosh I think everyone of my projects would have been less expensive to buy - it's the strangest thing. Oh well the stash-busting afterwards is free. Happy Birthday - you will get discounts now...but don't put on the brakes because I am right behind you. ;-)

  11. Aw, you've had a rough couple weeks. It's probably freakishly quiet around your house, but it looks like you could use the peace and quiet, and your big snuggly blanket project will help, too. Happy late birthday, friend, and best wishes to your boy for an excellent start to his college career. :)

  12. Did the college quilt get finished?

    All 3 of mine have flown and my partner works away all week. I learnt to enjoy the quiet but it took a while.. more time to make a mess and worry less about not finding the table for a bit :)


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