Sunday, September 8, 2013

In between

In between seasons and in between projects.  I have a lot started, and nothing finished.  One thing leads to another doesn't it?  I began making some simple navy and linen coasters, but only got two done, before I hit upon another idea, and started flinging fabric madly around the room, searching for a 1/2 yard cut of that floral, bought last fall, and put away for future use.
An hour later, found it.  Now a mini quilt/table runner is in progress.

It's beautiful outside on the front porch this morning.  Nice breeze, woodpecker in the willow tree, rooster crowing.  But it's going to be 100 degrees this afternoon, so I'm getting my "outdoor" fix   while I can.
A squirrel fell into the pool yesterday.  I watched him nose around the edge near the deep end.  When I started to get up from my chair I heard a PLOP sound.  Before I could get out the door to grab the pool net, he had already scrambled up the side and through the fence.  Normally they don't come that close to the house, but the poor thing was probably thirsty.  So I went out and filled up the bird bath with fresh water and turned the sprinklers on in the side yard.  Within minutes, the word had gotten out, and birds were swooping in for a bath.
Fall is so hot and dry here.  Right now our beautiful Yosemite National Park is burning (for almost a month!)  I hope they get it under control soon.  Every year, in September, it feels like summer just won't let go, although it is getting cooler at night.  The scrub jays are up to their tricks, a definite sign that the season is changing, because I'm finding acorns buried in my potted plants. They are creating a stash for the winter.  I get that whole stash thing. Yarn, fabric, acorns, it doesn't matter.  Gotta have it.  I do wish I had their built in instinct for finding everything once it's been hidden.  I could use that in my sewing room.


  1. It seems our little chipmunks and squirrels aren't so good at finding what they hide in my garden - very much like me and my own stash:)
    I am in between many projects as well; I find fall very invigorating and it's so hard to deny the urge to start something new when I have baskets of things unfinished. Oh well, I know I'm not too different from many crafters!

    Jenn @ JennsCraftyWorld

    1. Yes the change of seasons is always a great motivator. Any excuse to start a new project is all right by me!

  2. I have had snakes and frogs in my pool but never a squirrel thank goodness. Love that floral fabric and the beautiful crochet.
    hugs to you,

  3. You make me want to stop cleaning and sit outside and crochet. haha. How lovely!

  4. I've been watching that fire on the news. Terrible. Winter will soon be here so try to enjoy these last days. I guess it's always nice there. We will be in a deep freeze soon. Brrr

  5. but you found your floral fabric - im even.impressed that you remembered that you had it - i buy fabrics and only discover i already had it when i go to put it away!

  6. Coffee and crochet--looks like the perfect morning to me, even with a squirrel in the pool. I'm crossing my fingers that some cooler weather starts coming your way, and that the fire is brought under control soon. Nature can be scary.


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