Monday, April 15, 2013

All or nothing

It seems I have a lot on the go and nothing completed.  You've been there right?  Actually, it feels pretty good, being surrounded by little projects strewn about the house.  No pressure, just enjoying the process.

I decided to just use a big running stitch with variegated thread on my log cabin.

Found a free pattern for this table runner at Laundry Basket Quilts.  I loved it so much I'm making it in two colorways.  Check out her quilts while you're there.  She's got me rethinking the use of Batiks in quilting.  I was never really drawn to that kind of fabric until I saw how the colors pop when used along with regular quilting cottons.

Two new books!  Drool.

And a bright crocheted Mandala from here, to keep me from going through color withdrawal while I ignore work on my all white cotton blanket.  Just a few more rounds to go.

Have fun this week!


  1. I love your projects!! I am the same--haven't thought of using batiks, but then I go and see Edyta's blog and drool over how she's used them. I have Sarah Fielke's latest book on order and am stalking the package's progress on the postal website. I can't wait to get it!

  2. Gorgeous color in your mandala, and I am so anxious to see your all-white blanket. I can tell it's going to make me want to drop everything and start one. :)

  3. Ohh... I love the mandala! The colors are stunning. ♥


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