Thursday, October 20, 2011

Just call me Alice

Just when I was determined to remain focused on my big projects, I spied a white rabbit and took off down an internet rabbit hole.  My journey began  here, looking at the Sorbetto(free pattern) tank top that I have been wanting to make for ages.  Figures I want to make a tank now that summer is over (however, it's still 80 degrees here, or 80 degrees somewhere).  Her clothing patterns are great, and she posts about people who have made her patterns, so you get to see things made up in all shapes, sizes and fabric.  She has a new book coming out (I pre-ordered on Amazon), and you can view the garments from the book already made up and modeled on her website. Yay!   Anyway I made a Sobretto in a quilting cotton from my stash.  Also, go here, for 7 different versions of this same top.
No, that's not a pile of laundry on the floor.  There was no one home to take a picture of me, so I styled the hardwood.  Gee my floors are kinda dirty.
Anyway, this got me thinking about other garments I want to make so I got this out...
And this......
So now I'm busy making muslins, because apparently my family hails from the Shire, and us Hobbit types need to adjust every flippin' pattern unless it's marked Petite.
Further down the Wonderland/Blog hole, I found this scarf.  Oh lovely. And easy.  Ladies, if you can sew a straight seam, you can make this. Look at this one too!  So I made a colorblock scarf with some leftover Kaffe Fasset shot cotton, which is light as air.  I had just enough baby pom trim in my basket to add to the ends.  Don't skimp on the trim.  It really makes this special.
I want to make this again and again.  Maybe out of voile with a bigger trim.  Oh the possibilities! Ok I need to climb out of my hole and back to reality.  Those floors need washing!

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  1. I love all this! What a great scarf. You're right, the trim really makes it. :)


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