Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New and Used

Just got my order from Hawthorne Threads.  It's a fat quarter bundle of Joel Dewberry's Heirloom in ruby.  I have no idea what I'm going to do with it yet, so I will just leave it out where I can see it and pet it while it gels in my head.
Also just received this Sarah London goodie.......
Don't the colors on the book go with the fabric?  Oh if there was some kind of way to combine a quilt with crochet.  I have thought about it many times but there just doesn't seem to be a way to attach them together properly.  Maybe a crochet edging on a quilt?  I don't know.  It's probably just as well, I can go back and forth between yarn and fabric and never get tired of either one. 
I have no progress to report on any of my projects, since I'm giving my house a well deserved cleaning putting out some fall decorations.
I love decorating with books.  My husband and I had a bookstore for 5 years (he kept his day job, I ran the store).  We carried new and used books, gifty items and some vintage knick knacks thrown in.   Every Tues. and Wed. I would shop early at our local flea market (right in our little town!) and pick up tea cups, books, vintage aprons, anything used and cute.  Back at the store I would clean it up, mark it up a bit, and incorporate it into my displays.  It was so fun!!  When we closed, we sold off a lot of inventory,  but I kept quite a bit of the decorations and  other good stuff.  Now when the seasons change I go up to the attic and dig through all my boxes to see what I can come up with. What a lucky duck I am!  Anyway I don't know where all this blabbing came from, I guess I've had too much iced tea  and the caffeine level in my bloodstream is reaching critical levels.
One more thing before I go.... Trish at Notes of Sincerity is having a give away.  She is asking for one 5" square of material in exchange for a chance to win a cute owl candle holder.  Check it out!!!!


  1. This fabric is beyond fabulous! I was going to advise you to go to Happy Yellow House to see their great array of crochet quilt patterns, but just sadly found out their domain recently closed. Crochetville may take up some of her patterns in future.

  2. The top fabric is by far my favourite - the colours are just perfect. Loved hearing about your bookshop. I love old books. Can't wait to see what you decide to do with the fabric. x

  3. I just browsed through that gorgeous book by Sarah London at Barnes and Nobles. It is quite fabulous. Loving all the grannyness in there. Enjoy!

  4. Lovely fabric and I have seen that book somewhere else in the last couple of days and it looks most interesting.
    Having never attempted patchwork in my life, sewing buttons on is roughly my standard of sewing, I bought a little pack of patchwork squares yesterday. They are very pretty, (I will photograph them for my blog at some stage) but they are scaring me already. I got carried away in a fabric shop and wanted to buy most of what was in there. I am very easily influenced by prettiness! I have even worked out what I am using for the back of the cushion I am going to lovingly and perfectly make from these squares.
    Live in a dream world? Me? Nah...

  5. Mmm, your new fabric looks delicious and I looooove the sneak peek at the quilt underneath the book--gorgeous colors. :)

  6. The material and the book look delicious and now you've got ME wondering whether crochet and patchwork may be incorportated into a delightful quilt... ideas, ideas.

    I was really interested to read about your bookstore. We too wished to run one but it will not be possible for the next few years. Were you sad to let it go?

  7. Do you like the book by Sarah London? I have a bit left of a KP gift cert and was wondering if I should order that book. Do help me decide!

    Your box went out yesterday and should arrive Wed or Thurs. =)

    Erin @ dutch girl diary


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