Thursday, June 2, 2016

Catching Up

Gosh what a crazy couple of weeks it's been. I'm mentally pooped out.  No blogging, no making, (well a little bit on the cotton blanket up there but that's it), no fun.  I spent 2 separate days with 2 different family members at the Emergency room.  One of them was on Memorial Day weekend, so you can just imagine.  Both my Dad and my daughter are now fine, but there's 12 hours of my life I'd rather not repeat.
I hadn't mentioned this before, but my Mom had surgery back in March to remove a pancreatic tumor.  Looks like they got everything, but she started chemotherapy treatment on Tuesday.  I  will be taking her once a week for 3 weeks, then a week off.  This will go on for about 6 months.
She's such a trooper.  So far she's tolerating the chemo pretty well and is in great spirits, still walking 2 miles a day.  I hope I can say the same when I'm 79 years old.

I did get some new yarn in the mail which is always a treat.  Last week was Crochet Week at Quince and Co., and they released 5 crochet patterns to drool over. I ended up ordering 3 skeins of Piper which is a light fingering weight in the color Sweetwater, and 2 shawl patterns.
Two new magazines came as well, Taproot, and the first edition of Making.  In Taproot, they have tutorials for things like arm knitting, or how to season your cast iron skillet.  This issue (18) included recipes for Moroccan chicken with preserved lemons, cheesemaking and and herbal remedies like bug balm. I really enjoy their short stories/essays.
Making is full of beautiful photography, knitting patterns, embroidery, cross stitching, sewing, even recipes. 
 So, relaxing with a good magazine, a little crochet and iced tea is working wonders. Cooking always helps recharge my battery somehow too, and I made some pasta yesterday and added chard and basil from the garden (so much chard!. you pick it and by the time you carry it into the house, it has grown 20 new leaves.). Things are slowly drifting back to normal. Soon I will feel  less like this....

substitute yarn ball instead of rubber ball 

and more like getting back to the sewing room. 105 degrees predicted for tomorrow.  Anybody want to come over for a swim?


  1. Sorry to hear family members have not been well and glad there making a recovery. Hope you take time out to relax and make something wonderful with your new yarn x

  2. So sorry to hear that your family have been unwell. I hope things improve for them all. Magazines and yarn, a great combination to lift your spirits.

  3. God bless your sweet mama!! Hope everyone is on the mend, and I will take you up on the swim :)

  4. Oh no sounds like they were all falling apart at the same time. I think you deserved that new yarn and some more.

  5. I'll be right there! We had 94 today. Still stinking hot, but I love it. Sorry about your mom. She is fortunate to be around still from what I've heard. Hopefully you can get some crochet time with that new yarn. It looks gorgeous!

  6. I would love to come over, but - you are way too far away. Just do what has to be done first then your love for "making and creating" will return all by itself.

  7. Oh man, sounds like you need a break, and a hug. I'm sending my best wishes for both, and for healing all around. Enjoy some yarn. The dog with the ball is slaying me. xoxo

  8. Hi Lynne,
    I just wanted to comment and say how much your blog has encouraged me. Right now I'm reading your archives. Your energy and creativity are just what I needed. I hope your family heals quickly and that you find some time to rest. Thank you for the years of sharing.
    Linda Nichols


You guys are awesome! Thank you for the comments!