Saturday, June 20, 2015

Summertime blues

The blue May stash buster quilt is done.  I hand tied every other square with black Perle cotton #8 and added a cut-on-the-bias navy and white gingham border.  After a trip through the washer and dryer, (the quilt, not me) I took it outside to snap a few pictures.  It was a hot afternoon, with a warm breeze blowing and I had a hard time getting my quilt holder to focus on her task.
this one is called "quilt with boobs"

Here are the details:
 Twenty five 16 patch blocks made up of 8 light blue squares and 8 med/dark blue squares cut at 3.5 inches
Block size (unfinished) is 12 inches
3.5 inch border using Kona Snow
Quilt measure 63.5 inches
No fabric was bought, all courtesy of Mr. Stash

Three things caught my fancy this week.  This rope bowl, this paper pieced block and this little quilt which I would tweak a bit in different colors, maybe like this. As usual there are not enough hours in the day.  It's a nice place to be :)
Now it's onto the porch for some iced tea and hooky time before moving on to the green quilt for June.  Have a great weekend!
a little something for the 4th of July......


  1. The wuilt is fab, and the photos made me giggle!

  2. . . . *quilt*!!! Thanks for the rope bowl link, I had tried this afternoon, but couldn't work out how to start, and now I know!

  3. Love a quilt made entirely from stash! That is the true spirit of quilting! Enjoy that sunshine too!

  4. Please ! quilt with boobs ! That was hysterical ! I was sipping a cup of tea when I saw the "quilt with boobs". Needless to say as I laughed at that photo simultaneously trying to sip my tea I managed to get into a coughing fit . Best quilt photo and caption ever .

  5. Lovely quilt Lynne. What I love the most is the last really can see the 'cuddle up with me I'm so soft'...ness to the quilt. Hope that makes sense as my brain is pausing too much these days. My reasons for lack of posting and commenting.
    blessings, jill
    blogger will not let me post under my account...go figure

  6. Gorgeous quilt with and without the boobs. Enjoy your hooky time on the porch.

  7. Haha! Love this. It turned out beautifully. :)


You guys are awesome! Thank you for the comments!