Thursday, March 26, 2015

Baseball and Yarn

At Scottsdale stadium
Buster Posey (catcher) and Tim Hudson (pitcher)
Brandon Belt signing autographs before the game
We're back from Spring Training in Arizona.  The weather was beautiful, the hot dogs plentiful and we had a great time (even though the Giants lost all 3 games. Pooh).
The hotel was amazing too!
We rented one of those cabanas for the day and hung out by the pool...

Every evening between 6 and 7 the bagpipes were played on the golf course.

There was shopping and restaurants all within walking distance, and if you ever find yourself in Scottsdale, I highly recommend you splurge on a dinner at Mastro's Ocean Club. At first I thought how can you dare call yourself "Ocean Club" in the middle of Arizona?  I should not have doubted.
 I had a delicious piece of blackened Halibut and they serve a decadent side dish of lobster mashed potatoes that will make you weep, it's that good. I wish I had some right now.
On the way out of town, the family was kind enough to indulge me in a brief stop at Jessica Knits, where I picked up some souvenirs.
These two skeins are produced by local Arizona artist Mary Gavan.  On the top is a lace weight raw silk, in the color Pewter and was made up in the store into this shawl.  The drape was beautiful. The bottom skein, which is actually more of a pink than it looks here, is a sport weight rayon/cotton in Sandcastle.
I'm also in a Ravelry group which is making a scarf using the colors of your favorite baseball team. The pattern is called Crackerjack, and these are the colors I bought for the San Francisco Giants.
The idea is to knit 2 rows using the color assigned to wins or losses.  For example a home win could be orange, and a road loss, white. There are 4 possibilities, therefore 4 colors are chosen.  The striping would be determined by the wins/losses of the season and you never know how it's going to turn out. Sounds like a fun project to work on all year long doesn't it?
I'm unpacking, washing clothes, grocery shopping, and cutting the grass this week.  Next time around I'll show you the hand pieced quilt blocks that are making me jump out of bed in the morning.
Until then, here's a little crochet and Charlie.  The dogs were very happy to see us come home.



  1. You either had a good telephoto camera lens or a great seat! This here New York Yankees fan has got a bit of crush on Buster Posey. Baseball, yarn, sun, lobster mashed potatoes (I'll be googling a recipe for that immediately) sounds like a perfect weekend. I love the season record scarf idea. You inspire me every time.

  2. Great yarn treasures from a very fun vacation. Not to sure about my Rays this year, way to much change in the off season. Love the scarf idea.

  3. What a beautiful shop! I ,ove my yarn stash almost as much as my fabrics ; )
    Baseball is so fun. I used to watch the Blue Jays back in the day

  4. I am so interested in the scarf. My poor Cubs don't always do very well but hopefully, the changes they've made this off season will make a difference. I'll have to give this a try. Sounds like a great break and looks like you had a lot of fun.

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  6. Yay! We'll be making the scarf in the same colors! It's great that you got to see 3 games, and who care's if we lost, it's only spring, right??? I forgot who I told, but if I told you this already, sorry! But...when my son and I were in Scottsdale a few weeks ago they had a Little League baseball fair at the park next to the stadium after an afternoon game. Joe Panik and Andrew Susac were the big leaguers that tossed balls to the kids and signed autographs. Gosh, they were so sweet and adorable. Joe walked by me and I said, "congratulations on getting engaged". With a big smile, he blushed bright red and said, "thank you". Such cute guys, I almost fell over! My son said, "Mom, seriously, get a hold of yourself!"


You guys are awesome! Thank you for the comments!