Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The hat

Okay it's done.  This little unassuming grey wool hat which could have been completed in a few hours, but was actually dragged across a few weeks, is finally done. It's the first piece of anything that I have knitted from start to finish so I guess I'm officially a knitter now.  The reason it took so long is because I was scared of it.  No it doesn't have sharp teeth or a loaded pistol under the rim, it's just knitted.  I approached this warily, knitting two or three rows at a time. I would tell myself, yes, those  three rows look great. Step away for a moment. Don't jinx it. Come back later.  Then I would sneak up on it again, do a few more rows.  All the while looking out for dropped stitches, snags, holes, bumps or anything thing else that might cause me to pitch a fit and run back toward the comforting, familiar arms of my crochet hook.
Yeah, so much drama over a little hat.  There's a relief of sorts, as now I have the confidence to move on towards something more complicated.  I'm not saying socks on DPNs here, maybe more like a pillow cover with a nice stitch pattern and color changes.
The most important thing I discovered..... I like it.  I get it now. Knitting is fun.  By the time I was half way through, I got into the zone, or rhythm that I hear knitters talk about.  I felt comfortable in the way I held the yarn (there was lots of practicing between Continental and English.  I am an English knitter, like my mother and grandmother, although I think Continental looks like it's faster), and picked up the pace. Yep, more knitting will be happening.  Less caution, more knitting.

Pattern: Simple slouch hat by Robyn Devine

In the meantime, There is some quilting that needs my attention......


  1. What a sweet little hat! And I like the pink label, or tab? I also LOVE what I can see of the quilt underneath! I wouldn't mind seeing more of that. I love linen. Maybe some day I will try my hand at knitting. The only reason I haven't yet is it will take away time from quilting!

  2. Congratulations it looks great! Your header is beautiful

  3. Yay! Your hat looks PERFECT to me! And I can relate to every single thing you said. I'm enjoying it also, and it's supposedly good for our brains to learn something new like this. Mine needs all the help it can get. Haha.

  4. Knitting is fun and you did a great job on that hat.


  5. You did great! I'm glad you enjoyed the process and are now a knitter. Nw you need room for another stash! I'm working on a baby hat ; )

  6. An angel just got his wings, I think. Well done, Knitter. :)

  7. Way to go Lynne! You'll be knitting socks in no time!! So much fun!! Love that hat.....Perfect for TV knitting!!
    P.S. That's the same way I feel about crochet. I feel off balance with only one hook :)


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