Thursday, January 22, 2015


How is everyone?  Still organizing and tidying up for the New Year?  I know I am. The weather is still poop, so no playing outside for me.  But that's what winter is all about anyway.  Staying inside, snuggling under quilts, puttering, baking, and watching movies. 
I cleaned out some kitchen drawers and threw the old dish cloths into the rag bin, so that means make more right?  I have a pile of Knit Picks dishie yarn that needs to be used up, so I made these while in the middle of a Sherlock marathon on Netflix.  Now a whole year before it's back on again!!!  Inspiration for dishcloths from here.  I swear, just show me one picture of a cute crocheted anything, and I'm diving into the yarn stash. 

I have 5 quilt tops waiting to be finished, so I pulled my finger out and pieced backings and cut binding for 3 of them, and I'm still working on my scraps, which are now even with the top of the container instead of spilling over.  I'm cutting everything into 5", 3.5", 3", and 2.5" squares. It feels like I'm getting somewhere.  New quilt started too!
Soon as I'm done with this post, I'm heading out to pick up my Mom.  We're going to see American Sniper with Bradley Beautiful Cooper.  Mom read the book, so she's looking forward to it.  I'll just stare at Brad.


  1. Agree with everything you said (cute crochet, staying inside, etc) except for Bradley Cooper! Not my cup of tea! Now Idris Elba....

  2. Pulled your finger out of where? lol Pretty projects again. Good on you for scrap busting

  3. He is a dish isn't he? And he is supposed to be very good in this movie. Love your dishcloths and the quilts. Hugs and have a great weekend,

  4. Love the Goose Tracks on the wall! Your tidying sounds like a great plan. I did some of that and then it sort of fizzled out when I found something more exciting, like fabric to play with? lol

  5. I feel the same way--one picture of a cute crocheted/knitted/sewn/quilted thing and I am off and running. As usual, your pile of quilts and fabrics is so inspiring. And Bradley Cooper? Yes, please, thank you! :)


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