Monday, October 13, 2014

What did you say?

Well here I am again without a finished bit of anything to show you.  I've been released from Physical Therapy, so I'm back to walking again in the mornings and it feels so good.  The dog likes it too.
Last week I got a burst of energy and repainted the kitchen, and it looks nice and clean and fresh and ready for the holidays.  I got rid of a lot of clutter, cleaned out cabinets, the oven, and the fridge.  It wiped me out though, and I felt like I had been dragged through a knothole backwards (my Grandma used to say this quite often, with her feet propped up after a long, hard day.)
Anyway, when we moved into this house over ten years ago, my good friend Erin, who is an interior designer in Colorado, came out for a visit, drew up new kitchen blueprints, met with my contractor and ordered cabinets. After living 3 months with a gutted kitchen, and our refrigerator  sitting in the dining room, our new kitchen was born. I wish I could find the "before" pictures to show you.  They were really hideous.
I think it's held up pretty well don't you?

So here's what I'm messing around with this week.  I had a gift certificate and bought a bundle of 30's reproduction fabrics from my local fabric store. This wouldn't have been my first choice but honestly there was nothing else to pick from.  The owner really needs to step up her game and start ordering some new lines of fabric.  There is so much out there to choose from and she keeps bringing in the same old crap stuff.  When I came away from the store I was completely uninspired and felt as though I was buying something just to use up my certificate.  Pooh.

I'm almost done with my family signature blocks. When I started this quilt a few months back, I figured I had plenty of time before Thanksgiving to finish it up so everyone could sign it.  Oooops.  I need to get a move on.

Now, not only do I have my own WIPs to finish, but I decided to take on something that was started by someone else.  Nothing big, and I'm enjoying it.  But really, another WIP and it's not even mine?
More on this next time.

The big chunky ribbed crochet blanket is about halfway done and I LOVE it.  I would like to add some faux fur like the throws they sell at Pottery Barn.  I feel a hack coming on.  No picture this time, because it looks almost exactly like the picture from my last post, and I don't want to bore you with the same old baloney, just warmed over (Grandma again).  Do you guys have family sayings or quotes that get repeated over and over like that?  Or lines from movies. "I'll have what she's having"(When Harry Met Sally) or "You're killing me Smalls" (Sandlot), are a couple that usually find their way into our conversations, along with song lyrics, which must be sung while you're at it.  I dunno, maybe we're just weird like that.
 I also started a crocheted scarf using Berroco Flicker in an indigo blue.  It has silver threads throughout and is quite soft, but the stitch definition is not very pronounced, despite trying out three different patterns.
Not quite what I expected so far, but it's better than a kick in the butt with a frozen boot (Grandpa).


  1. Great post! I love the blue yarn and the silvery touch. Also the old sayings. My paternal grandmother was always warning us about playing in the creek because it was dog days and we would get sick. Seems like dog days lasted from May 31 to first day of school back then!

  2. Your WIP that isn't even yours looks very interesting as does the 'due by' Thanksgiving Signature blocks. Love how you put fabrics together! We are a family that frequently uses the 'you're killing me Smalls' line and several others too. Then there's the music. ANY word can trigger a line to a song whether it's just quoted or sung. I thought we were the only weird family that did that.:)

  3. I adore reading your blog. We get each other. Our family uses lots of sayings, many of them originating from the mouths of the babes.

  4. You have a very nice kitchen, it looks like its brand new!
    Have fun walking, and working on your projects. You have lots to do!

  5. Kitchen and sewing projects look great! My MiL (if one of the grandchildren has problems saying a word, oozie coozie For jacuzzi was one) Will say"I cant say elephant, so I have to say heffalump"- it's generally taken 8 or 9 years for them to "get" it!!!

  6. We are a family of sayings, too--lots of stuff from "This is Spinal Tap" and "The Monkees" and lots we've made up ourselves. Your kitchen looks fantastic. :)

  7. Ha! Glad we're not alone with the film quotes and sayings! Our favs that get thrown in whenever (and in the appropriate voice per the film) are "but I like the cookie" (Over the Hedge), "I'm the leader" (Aristocats) and various others that escape me at the moment!
    Kitchen looks brill, thats a good idea to freshen before the hols get too close, I should re-paint too really.
    Shame you had a poor choice of fabric, although I like what you found - she'll lose customers to the online shops if she doesnt get a better range.
    Gill xx

  8. You're not alone with the lame local quilt shops. I have 3 (THREE!!!!) that all have the same old stuff. Not one piece of Bonnie and Camille, or Fig Tree, or Sweetwater etc. etc. What??? I wonder if they have ever one online and looked a quilting blogs, pinterest or instagram??? Anyway, I have one that is about 30 minutes away and is so worth the drive. She has it all!!
    We also have lots of familyisms, as well as movie quotes.....mostly from You've Got Mail and School of Rock :)

  9. My Mom used to say, "I am so mad I could just spit" That one was a big warning for all of us.
    Love the fabrics and of course your crocheting.

  10. In our house we usually quote Disney movies.


You guys are awesome! Thank you for the comments!