Thursday, February 27, 2014

Creative looping

We had a big storm last night.  The kind that batters the house with wind and slanting rain, tosses the garbage cans and tears at the trees.  I almost put in ear plugs, it was that noisy and I was trying hard to sleep and not get anxious about loosing power and the giant redwood trees swaying above the bedroom roof.
But this morning all was calm again, the sun came out and I pulled out my seed packets, and new fabric and imagined a garden of zinnias and cosmos, and a soft spring quilt with puffy batting and voile backing.
In reality I have projects backed up like airplanes on the tarmac at LAX, and I'm doing a great job of avoiding each and every one of them.
I played around with this square and some cotton yarn, just because it was easy and new and NOT a project I should be working on. At first I thought, okay, I'll just make a few and turn them into pincushions. Done. But as I dipped into the fabric stash, I gave it more thought and my mind turned to pot holders.  Nope. Got more pot holders than pots around here.
What to do?
What I don't want to do is create yet another half finished project that will soon be decorating the inside of my closet.
Do you see any logic in any of this?  Let's make more things so we don't have to make the things we are already making.
I'm stuck in a creative loop.
Hopefully, I will finish off the "thing"(I still don't know what it's going to be), for my next post.

Meanwhile, the puppy's favorite toy has checked into the sewing hospital for a face transplant.....
Luna has been playing with this monkey for three months now, and frankly I'm surprised it's lasted that long.  Most dogs would have ripped that face off in 2.5 seconds, but Luna just kind of mouths it gently, and rolls it around with her on the floor. She probably doesn't care, but monkey is headed for the washing machine too.  So a monkey makeover and an unidentified crochet/fabric project is what I'll be working on this week. What's in your loop?


  1. I love the Monkey story, a while back I had a similar story of a sock money dog toy on my blog.
    Hugs to you,

  2. I love Luna! I am avoiding working on a huge custom order that I have to get done soon! How you ask?? I am starting a Farmers Wife quilt!! Like I need another project...but I really do. See? You're not alone :)

  3. You must have gotten the storm a lot more than us. But we are supposed to get more tonight, and all weekend. With a good dose of wind!
    Love your fabrics....and that Luna....ah so pretty!!!
    xo Kris

  4. I'm just loopy all around ; ) Luna is gorgeous. Enjoy the face plant. Could be fun.

  5. Your new project is really pretty, your colours are bright and lovely . Some times I start projects and have no idea where im going to use it, or why im making it.Firstly its the creative process, experimenting is fun.So what to do with my new made thing.You could like me store these finished projects ready as a gift for someone or do a craft stall this summer x

  6. I already love the quilt you're about to make. Off the drawing board and into the workbasket is best, I say. It's more fun to chew on a project than on an idea, right?

    Question for ya: what's a good source for cotton voile?

  7. A nice post with a promise of Spring! I have that same closet Lynne. ;-)


You guys are awesome! Thank you for the comments!