Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Brown-eyed girl scarf

 Remember that Van Morrison song Brown Eyed Girl?   It always gets me singing and tapping my toes.  It's a happy song, and this is my happy scarf, made over the happy holiday season.
In the wake of mall shootings, school shootings, and then two days before Christmas some friends lost their nephew in a car accident (texting, no seat belt!!!!!), I needed a big dose of Happy.  This little scarf was good therapy.
I used the new Paton's DK super wash and a G hook.  I just made up a square to look like something flower-ish.  There are 15 squares total, 3 of each color, and it measures about 71 inches long without the fringe.  Here are the colors I used:
Center circle:

Flower petals:
Apple Green

3rd round:

Last round:

Here is what I did.
With Mocha yarn, chain 6, then join with a slip stitch to form a ring.
Round 1- Chain 3 (1st dc), then 15 more dc into the ring.  16 total dc. Cut yarn and leave a tail to weave in.

Round 2- With colored yarn, work in the spaces between the dc's.  Insert hook between any two dc's and chain 2(1st hdc made), then hdc again in the same space. 2 hdc in next space, chain 1. 2 hdc in next space, 2hdc in next space, ch1. Continue around. You are basically inserting 2 hdc in each space, with a ch1 after every 4th hdc. When complete, join with a sl st to the beginning ch 2.  The round should have 32 hdc, and 8 chain 1 spaces.  Cut yarn and leave a tail to weave in.

Round 3- With Latte yarn, insert hook into any chain 1 sp, ch3, 2dc, chain2, 3dc.  First corner made.
Ch1, 3dc, ch1, in next chain sp. Then 3dc, ch2, 3dc, in next ch sp. Second corner made.  Continue around as in a regular granny square, slip stitch to beginning ch 3 when done.  Cut yarn and leave a tail to weave in.

Round 4 - Switch to Aran yarn and join in any sp and continue basic granny square pattern as in round 3. Join with sl st to beginning ch 3 and cut yarn.
I joined my blocks right sides together with sc, so the joining ridge is on the back of the scarf.  Then I did sc all around the scarf with 2 sc in each corner.  Added some fringe for more happiness.

Hope you are all enjoying the Holiday season!


  1. How tragic for your friends. Your scarf is lovely. Handwork is great and cheaper than therapy ; )

  2. So Sorry about your friend's nephew. I love your scarf!!

  3. Pretty scarf. I found your blog through Kris at Simplify. Looking forward to following your posts. Heather

  4. Oh I love this scarf!!!! So very sorry to hear of your friend's hoss of a nephew. So sad. I am eager to do some projects for me, and not orders for others. Maybe another afghan.
    Hope your Christmas was lovely.

  5. Thanks for sharing how you crochet this beautiful scarf. It looks great!

  6. I'm so sorry you needed a dose of happy hon. Your scarf is absolutely beautiful and I can't wait to make some of those squares with your lovely pattern. Have a lovely week, see you again soon.

  7. This is a fab scarf. Next year I am aiming to learn to crochet, everyone tells me that it is not that hard... We shall see!

  8. I am so sorry to hear of your friend's loss. Glad this scarf provided you some much needed happiness therapy! :-)

  9. Sorry about your friends loss.
    Your scarf looks really great! I have to buy some new yarn and then I'll start with this scarf. Thanks for sharing the pattern!

  10. This Christmas seems to have been a particularly tragic one with sadness so widespread. It's good to have something to lift one's spirits. Your new scarf is wonderful. Well done. Philippa xx

  11. That is just perfect. Wonderful homey, cozy comfort. Sending love to you from across the continent, and wishes for a happy holiday.

  12. I love your scarf. I just chose some colors from my stash so I can start one. I enjoy seeing the beautiful colors you use in your projects!

    1. Thank you so much for leaving a comment. Enjoy your crocheting!


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