Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Summer Table

I finished up a few more kitchen items this week and tried out a new quilting method too!  Here's a simple patchwork table runner made with stash scraps.
Do you like my chicken tea pot?  It was a gift from my daughter a few years ago.  You have to grab it by the neck to pour, which was a little weird at first, but I've gotten past that : )

I also made a couple of pot holders using the quilt as you go method.
I centered a small scrap of fabric on a piece of Insul-brite, and used my walking foot to quilt lines, about the width of my foot (the walking foot, not my foot), across the scrap.  Then I added another piece next to it, right sides together, sewed down with a 1/4 inch seem, flipped the top piece over, then quilted that piece down.  You just keep going, adding pieces, log cabin style, until you reach the ends of your insulation piece.  Then you square it up to the desired size.  For a tutorial you can go here (she made a whole quilt using this method) or here to check out tote bags and other projects.  It's really fun, and I'm loving this method for making pot holders.
Also a summer table is not complete without a recipe or two that can only be made this time of  year.    One of our most favorite party drinks comes from this book by Susan Branch ( I love all her books!).

 The drink is called "Skip and go Naked", and it's a party in a blender.  All you need is  frozen pink lemonade (I know, so girly and pink right?), beer, vodka, and ice.  Add some sun, music and a pool and you will be one happy camper.  I think the book might be out of print, but you can still find it used on Amazon.
I'll be linking up to Tuesday at the Summer Table.  Thanks for hosting Debbie!


  1. what a fun, FULL post! LOVE the potholders and your technique - perfect! Darling little table runner, and a party bev to boot. Thanks for all the summer fun AND for linking up around the {summer} table! (thanks for all the helpful links too!)

  2. You make quilting AMAZING.. That is the right word I think Dear Lynne.. The colors are like sunshine.. I like table runner so so much..
    All best wishes..

  3. What a lovely bright summery kicthen table!

    Kate xxx

  4. Love it! The runner, the pot holders, and the chicken tea pot!!!!
    I have done a few quilt as you go projects. I did carrot runners, and Easter Eggs....very quick and easy and so cute!!!!

  5. What a great runner! I love the colors, too! I am the newest member of your blog (gotta keep checking out your creative stuff!!!). Check out my own quilting adventures at www.piecedbrain.com, and follow me, too!

  6. Your table runner is gorgeous and the party drinks sound even better.
    Have a lovely week. Ali x

  7. Wow, I love you runner and pot holders, they look so pretty!

  8. Wow Lynne, your table runner is totally gorgeous! I want it for my table!!! The colours are so cheerful and fun. I have lots of little bits of fabric I've been saving, now I am feeling completely inspired to copy your idea for my boring wooden table. I haven't a clue how you do that amazing edging. Google here I come - I'm sure I can find some info or a tutorial. Your potholders are adorable too hon.

    Have a fabulous week, you clever girl.

  9. Gorgeous colours and you make it look so easy! I am definitely going to have a go at this. I love the table runner, it's so summery and cheerful.
    Skip and Go Naked sounds delicious. The drink is probably safer than the reality at my age!

  10. Love all the kitchen projects! And you have convinced me to finally try Susan's skip and go nakeds! Party in a blender...gotta love it :)

  11. I love these close-ups of your mad quilting skillz--that's really lovely work! Mine all look like I've already had a whole pitcher of Skip and Go Nakeds.

  12. Gorgeous as usual Lynne, so bright and lovely. Actually I have a confession to make - your lovely quilting is so totally infectious and I am getting more and more drawn into the world of quilting........ Help! Save me before it's too late ha ha!

    Daisy X


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